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How to Properly Care for Your New Granite Countertop

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Granite countertops are one of the biggest upgrades you can make to a kitchen or a bathroom.  So many of us will save with the hopes of being able to replace our aging countertops with a material like granite. Its popularity is second to none. Its visual appeal and durability make it a pristine choice. There is no surprise why granite as a countertop material is so prevalent in our Jacksonville bathroom stores. Once you have granite, how should you care for it?

It’s not enough to have granite countertops installed within your kitchen or bathroom. You need to take care of them to allow them to last for decades. You want them to keep looking polished and to have that remarkable shine. It’s possible to have them look as good 20 years from now as they do on installation day.

Sealing the Countertops

One of the most common things people forget to do is seal granite countertops after they are installed. Granite countertops are required to be sealed so that they can be protected from moisture. When you spill water, for example, you want that water to just sort of pool on top of the granite. This will happen when the granite is sealed correctly. You should have them sealed when they are first installed and every year afterward throughout their lifespan.

Cleaning the Surface

The easiest way to clean the granite countertops is to use soap and water. Soap and water are pretty much all that is going to be necessary to get any dirt and grime off of the countertops.  Get a sponge, one that is not going to be coarse in any way, and wet it.  Combine that with some soap and away go with wiping down the granite countertops. Once you are done, make sure you dry them completely.

Cleaning Products

If you want something that is a bit stronger than just soap and water, there are cleaning chemicals out there that are made for granite countertops. When you use these materials, make sure they do not have acids or acidic materials within them. The best cleaning products will be made specifically for granite.  

Things to Avoid

There are some things to keep in mind to ensure you’re protecting the granite countertops you got at our Jacksonville bathroom stores. You want to avoid sprinkling oil onto the countertops whenever you can.  If you have to cut meat, do it on a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the granite. Small things like this will allow you to protect them.

Care and maintenance for granite countertops are certainly an important thing to keep in mind.  Once you have granite countertops installed, be aware of the maintenance requirements that go along with them.  Focus on the proper cleaning materials being used and what you have to keep track of from a sealing perspective. When you buy granite from our Jacksonville bathroom stores, you are making a significant investment in your home. Now keep on caring for your granite countertops to keep them protected!