How to Properly Maintain Your Stone Countertops


How to Properly Maintain Your Stone Countertops

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Stone countertops are to the point from a mass adoption perspective where they are extremely common among homeowners.There is often a lot of concern though around the maintenance of stone countertops.  What are proper maintenance approaches that you are going to want to follow? What should you be doing so that you can ensure that your countertops look great 10-years into their live, the same as they do in their first year?  Whether it is kitchen or bathroom counters Jacksonville FL, maintenance is similar and is simpler than you think.


Spill Clean-Up

The single biggest thing that you can do for your countertops is to wipe up spills as soon as they occur.  You never want to let any liquid just sit in your kitchen or bathroom counters Jacksonville FL.  If you do have a spill, just take a cloth, a paper towel, and wipe it right up.

The longer that you allow the spill to sit there, even with non-porous stone, the likelier that the liquid is going to be able to eventually penetrate into the stone, which is what is going to lead to the stain.


Seal the Stone

Once you have the granite countertops installed, one of the first things that your team of professionals is going to do is to seal the stone.  This is what is going to protect it from those stains, from allowing liquid to saturate into the stone.  A simple way to tell if you have sealed stone kitchen or bathroom counters Jacksonville FL  is to let some water drop on them.  Take a look at the liquid and see what it is doing.  Do you see the water beading on the surface of the countertops?  Do they appear to begin to form drops?  If so, that means that you have properly sealed stone countertops.

Sealing the countertops is something that you want to have done annually.  A professional, such as our team at First Coast Supply, can help in this space.  You want to have the sealing work done properly so that you do not make a mess of the countertops and also so that you know you have the protection the seal should be providing.


Removing Stains

If you do have a stain in the stone, there are plenty of options you can use to remove it.  A juice stain or coffee stain, for example, can be eliminated by mixing some hydrogen peroxide with water, and just a drop or two of ammonia on top of it.  This should allow the stain to be lifted right out of the natural stone.


Small Scratches

Small scratches can also be taken care of yourself in most cases.  Be careful with treating scratches so as not to make them worse, but usually with dry steel wool, you can work to get rid of the scratch. The steel wool should be superfine.  Professionals may want to be consulted before you start trying to buff out scratches on your own so that they are cared for properly.

For those that already have stone countertops, have you managed to stain them yet? Do you look at that stain and think, “I am never going to be able to get the stain out of the stone!” Fear not, because it is possible to clean stains and such out of stone countertops and also work to prevent them from cropping up go-forward.  Stains come from everything including coffee, salad dressings, juices, among others.  Following maintenance, tips can help to minimize and fully prevent these occurrences. We at First Coast Supply are here to help guide you as you maintain your kitchen or bathroom counters Jacksonville FL.