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How to Remodel a Bath Tub and Bathroom on a Budget

Modern bathroom with marble tiles and corner spa bath.

When most people hear about doing a remodel of a bathroom, dollar signs are usually the first thing that pops into their head. The reason is because doing a full-blown remodel of a bathroom can get quite expensive. It involves everything from a design, to a demolition of the current space, and then the full rebuilding with plumbing, electrical, flooring, appliances, and more. Not every remodel has to follow this template though as there are plenty of ways that you can remodel bath tubs Jacksonville FL and a bathroom on a very tight budget.

The whole idea of remodel is truly appealing to the vast majority of homeowners. We all love to update our homes, especially our bathrooms, which is why we put in so much time thinking about what we want the space to look like, how to best accomplish that on a budget, and so on. There are plenty of routes that you can go as a homeowner to help you remodel a bath tub and bathroom on a budget, it is all about knowing what you can do and what is simply going to be out of reach.

Adding Tiles to the Walls

So many homes have bathrooms that are just plain. The walls are very basic, with aging wallpaper or paint that is just quite bland. We are looking for ways to spruce things up without having to completely rip the walls down and start from scratch. Why not add tiles to the walls to dress up the space? Tiles, depending on what you choose, are relatively inexpensive, as is the installation that goes along with them. This is relatively speaking when comparing to a full demolition and rebuilding of the walls in the bathroom space.

There are tiles that can help your bathroom really shine and look modern and new, or country and rustic, depending on the style that you are trying to get at. Some nice stone tiles can really help to make a bathroom look remodeled though quickly and easily.

Change Out the Vanity and Sink

The vanity and sink is the centerpiece of any bathroom, so why are you still holding on to your old setup? Think about changing out your bathroom vanity and sink so that you can get a new one in there and give your whole bathroom a nice refresh. Vanities, along with sinks and faucets, are cheaper than you may think. The installation is also something that is not going to break the bank as the plumbing is fairly simple and removing an old vanity is typically not all that difficult.

New Lights

The lighting in a bathroom is another area that can easily be switched out to add a lot to the living space. New lighting can link up well with the new vanity to recreate the whole style of the room in a very easy and efficient manner. New lights may sound simple, but you would be surprised at what they can do to brighten up any room, especially an aging bathroom.

Replacing the Shower Head

When it comes to the bath tub, start with the fixtures such as the shower head. Replacing it with something such as a rain shower head is a great idea to add a unique flair to the space and make your bathtub and shower new again. Instead of replacing whole bath tubs Jacksonville FL, you could even look into having it painted to give it a fresh and new look from top to bottom.

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, there is a lot that you can do without demolishing the entire space and starting from scratch. As a homeowner it is always important to know this so that you can make sound decisions to get that dream bathroom you want on a budget that you can afford. We can help you with this at First Coast Supply as you go down the path of upgrading your bathroom and bath tubs Jacksonville FL.