How to Select a Countertop for a White Kitchen

White kitchens may have only swept the nation within the last few years, but they’ve been on the radar of Jacksonville design pros for ages. There’s just nothing more exciting to us than a bright white kitchen accented by high-end countertops and appliances.

The First Coast Supply designers have a few favorite ways to outfit a white kitchen. Read on for inspiration during your next renovation.

3 Counter Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

A simple way to instantly upgrade your kitchen area is to paint the cabinets and update the counters. After the eggshell paint dries, it’s time to get serious about stone choices.

Calcutta Gold Marble

If you’re in the position to splurge, you simply can’t go wrong with the gold and gray veins climbing in every direction of this popular option. Calcutta Gold works great in a white kitchen because of its unique pops of color.

Because this type of marble makes such a statement on its own, it’s important to contrast the counter against a simple kitchen design.

Shadow Gray Quartz

Give your kitchen the ultimate touch of personality with smoky gray counters accented by a shiny sheen. We love quartz because it’s a timeless, affordable option fit for cooks of all skill levels.

Choose this stone and color for the bold statement set against an all-white backdrop.

Natural Concrete

Concrete countertops are an industrial-chic trend making its way into homes across the country. White cabinets and a deep farmhouse sink are the perfect ways to add a feminine touch to a bold counter option.

This is a durable, affordable option for homeowners willing to try something new. Another great perk? Concrete offers a long lifespan, so you won’t have to spend money on a remodel anytime soon.

Turn to Jacksonville’s Kitchen Design Pros

The countertop you choose is one of the biggest decisions of any kitchen remodel. Not only is it a substantial financial investment, but the right (or wrong) counter completely changes the aesthetic of your home.

The First Coast Supply team is here to guide you through different countertops and help you find the perfect one for your family. Want to see the real deal before spending your money? Come on by our newly renovated state-of-the-art showroom for an up-close look at your many options.

When you’re ready to chat about your kitchen remodel, the First Coast Supply pros are here to help. Drop us a line to schedule a showroom visit or to get started on your next project.