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Kitchen Islands vs. Kitchen Peninsulas

Luxury kitchen with island and white cabinetry

Modern and stylish are the two things most homeowners aim for when they are doing a remodeling of their kitchen. What happens when you have two options that both qualify and meet your criteria? Which is going to be the better of the two picks? That is precisely what many homeowners face when trying to decide between a kitchen island and kitchen peninsula.

Design Benefits on Both Sides

Both an island and a peninsula have a lot of design benefits, functionality gains and more that can make them quality options for a kitchen remodel. Professionals like ourselves offer insight and help designing your kitchen.

Understanding the Difference

To assess which is going to make the most sense for you, you must understand the difference between a kitchen island and peninsula. A kitchen island can be defined as a counter that is entirely unattached to any walls. It is accessible from all sides, meaning it stands on its own, typically in the middle of a kitchen.

A peninsula is a bit different in that it is accessible on three of its four sides. It is usually made when you have a set of cabinets connected, coming off of one wall. Peninsulas will stick out and be mostly accessible, but will not dominate the middle of a kitchen like an island does.

Deciding Between the Two

Some factors have to be considered when talking about a peninsula versus a kitchen island. When you think about an island, the first thing that has to be considered is the accessibility of it. With the fact that you can access the kitchen island from all four sides, you know that you have something that can be a social centerpiece for the kitchen. Peninsulas can also serve much the same purpose, but they are going to be still connected to a wall, meaning you won’t be able to circle it entirely in the same way.

Open Concept Favors the Peninsula

Open concept fans have started to go more towards the peninsula. It’s a great way to leave the kitchen space free and clear. For those going for an open floor plan, the peninsula is probably right for you! Kitchen islands are an excellent social centerpiece but they also dominate a large part of your kitchen.

Making a Firm Decision

It can be challenging to decide between a kitchen island or peninsula. It may depend on your kitchen size, family size, personal preference, etc. If you like the idea of having added workspace when you are cooking large amounts food, an island may make the most sense. If space if your biggest priority, and going with that open concept approach, a peninsula is likely to be the winner. Talk to our team of professionals so we can help you with ideas and decision making.