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3 Storage Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs

With spring cleaning right around the corner, homeowners will start to consider different ways to declutter. While sending boxes to one of the Jacksonville Goodwill locations is a great start, there are just certain items with which you can’t part ways. A smart option is to undergo a simple kitchen remodel that increases storage space.

Simple Upgrades that Increase Kitchen Functionality

One of the main dilemmas with modern, minimalistic kitchen designs is the lack of storage options. Take a look at some of the First Coast Supply team’s favorite ways to boost storage space, regardless of your kitchen layout.

1. Make the Most of the Space Underneath Your Sink

It’s important to put every square inch to work when you find yourself short on storage space. The cabinet under your sink is one of the first to fill with clutter, so start by throwing away old cleaning products and significantly reducing your collection of grocery bags.

Install hooks or hanging rods inside the doors for dish rags. Take it one step further and slide your roll of trash bags over one of the rods for easy access. Another simple strategy is to use a shelf to turn the space into two levels.

2. Conceal the Trash and Recycling Bins

Trash containers take up a lot of space in the pantry or next to your counter. A great way to hide your trash and prevent an odor is by installing a pull-out trash cabinet. We’re sure you’ve seen it at friends’ houses, but now it’s time to spring for one at your own home.

3. Give the Knife Block a New Home

If you’re like most homeowners, your knife block sits right on top of your kitchen counter. An alternative option that doesn’t make your countertops appear cluttered is a built-in knife block drawer. Each knife has its own horizontal slot and is easily accessible by any home chef. Win, win!

Give Your Family the Gift of a Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes the best way to increase space in an outdated kitchen is to undergo a remodel that makes the most of your square footage. From strategically-designed cabinetry to smart technology, your kitchen improvement options are endless.

If you need professional guidance on how to increase storage space in your kitchen, chat with a First Coast Supply design expert today.