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Laminate vs. Stone Countertops

Whenever you are either remodeling your kitchen or just looking to make an upgrade to it, changing out the countertops is a great first step. One of the big decisions that so many homeowners try to make though is to decide whether or not they want countertops Jacksonville FL that are made out of laminate or stone. Laminate and stone are two of the most common types of countertops that are out there in the market. Choosing between the two is not easy, but when you have all of the facts laid out in front of you, it can help you make a more educated decision that you feel confident in.


There is nothing like stone countertops Jacksonville FL in terms of the look that they give off. When you are talking about stone, you have to think about the rich and gorgeous look that they have. Every slab of stone that you get is going to be completely unique as well. Laminate is not so bad itself though, especially when you think about how much cheaper it is. The laminate can be manufactured to look just how you would want, with colors, textures, and style options all available to you.

Heat and Scratch Resistance

In terms of heat and scratch resistance, stone wins out in a bit way. Laminate is going to be much more susceptible to scratching than stone is going to be when you are talking about countertops. A sharp object can scratch laminate, while it is probably not going to do anything to the stone. In terms of heat, the same can be said as a very hot pan can cause harm to laminate, while it will likely have zero impact on stone countertops Jacksonville FL.

Dealing With Stains

This is one area where laminate is actually going to be a bit better than stone. Laminate is non-porous in its make up and is simply not going to be able to be stained. Stone is more of a porous material and liquid does have the ability to get under the surface of it, increasing the chances that it could get stained.


There is nothing like stone when it comes to longevity. Stone is going to last a lifetime as long as you properly maintain it. The same cannot be said for laminate, but the lifespan of laminate countertops Jacksonville FL is also pretty impressive. Laminate countertops typically carry a lifespan of around 20 to 25-years.

Maintenance Needs

Stone countertops are going to require some maintenance. You are going to want to clean the stone and also seal the stone periodically so that you can ensure that you get the lifespan you want out of the countertop, as well as the performance. Laminate does not need any of that type of maintenance, as all you really have to do is wipe them clean when they get dirty.

Price Point

Laminate is the cheapest type of countertops Jacksonville FL that you are going to be able to get, while natural stone is going to be probably the most expensive. The stone countertops vary in price in terms of the size that you get, the type of stone you go for, among other factors.

The same can be said for what you can expect to pay for installation. Labor costs to install stone countertops Jacksonville FL are going to be higher due to the heavy pieces that are involved. Laminate countertops have much lower installation costs as they can be done fairly efficiently by professionals like us at First Coast Supply.

Choosing between laminate and stone countertops Jacksonville FL is a very difficult decision to say the least. Both of these types of countertops are great in terms of the appearance that they give off and the usability that they are going to present to kitchen users. The price point, as well as the overall quality and lifespan, can be factors that make or break the decision for many homeowners in terms of which way do they go. We can walk you through the comparison so that you can feel confident in whatever path you decide to go for your countertops.