Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom
Old style bathroom interior in small American house. Northwest USA

So you have a home with a small bathroom.  Sure, it is going to be limited to an extent regarding what you can do with the space, but that just means you need more creativity and new ideas!  Square footage is only limiting to an extent to those that allow it to be.  You actually can make the most of your small bathroom by thinking outside of the box.  It also helps to have our Jacksonville bathroom stores with all of the fixtures to make your ideas come to life.


Use the Wall Space for Storage

You want to use the wall space you do have for storage, so that you are not ending up with a huge vanity on the floor taking up a lot of the walking space in the bathroom. Go for cabinets that go on the walls that do not have as much depth to them.  Longer, more narrow cabinets are going to allow the bathroom to seem bigger while also giving you the storage you need for towels.


You can also use the shower stall to have shelving built right into the walls.  This can make it easy to store things like soap and shampoo.  The more space you can gain by doing this, the easier it will be to retain your storage capabilities without excessive cabinets.


Skip the Tub

Do you think that you need a bathtub?  Maybe this is a second bathroom that you have in the home. If you do not need a bathtub, go with a shower stall instead!  A shower stall can allow you to save a lot of space in the small bathroom so that you have more free square footage available.


Paint Color and Mirrors

Go with a color of paint for the walls that is going to make space seem bigger.  Mirrors are also a big piece of this.  Look for a vanity and cabinet combination that allows the mirror to extend the entire length of the two items at least.  When you have a larger mirror like that, it is going to help for the bathroom to seem that much bigger.


Hang the Toilet

There does exist such a thing as a wall-hung toilet, and it can be a tremendous asset to a smaller bathroom.  The tank part of the toilet gets recessed into the wall to save space, so that the toilet is not as cramped, making for a more open and comfortable experience.


Push the boundaries of what you can do with your small bathroom.  Think outside of the box and try things that maybe you did not believe were possible.  You can do a lot with the variety of toilets, showers and vanities that we have available at our Jacksonville bathroom stores.  We at First Coast Supply are here to help, whether it is with any of what was mentioned or just to spark some ideas and get the imagination going.