Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades Homeowners Love

Now more than ever, homeowners are investing in their kitchens and bathrooms. These spaces receive more use than nearly any space in the home. The kitchen is where everyone gathers for family time and the bathroom makes for the perfect relaxing retreat.

When you’re ready to tackle your kitchen or bathroom renovation, visit the First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re one of the area’s best renovation and appliance stores to help you incorporate kitchen and bathroom upgrades for your home.

Here are a few trendy kitchen and bathroom upgrades that homeowners LOVE:

Smart Technology

Increasingly, homeowners request smart technology solutions for their homes. Smart solutions are available for both the kitchen and the bathroom. LED smart light bulbs and smart light switches can be integrated into the kitchen and bathroom. Another cool feature is a smart mirror with voice technology, a speaker and LED lighting. The possibilities are plentiful to incorporate smart tools into your home.

Organic Shapes

Many homeowners seek to add natural shapes into their kitchen and bathroom design. For bathrooms, these include round sinks and bathtubs, curved countertops and toilets without exposed plumbing. For kitchens, the details like faucets, cabinet pulls and decorative items with organic shapes are incorporated to give a natural feel. Also, eco-friendly and reclaimed materials add to an organic style.

Spa-Like Bathroom Features

Many homeowners now treat bathrooms like an at-home spa experience. Creature comforts like heated towel racks, surround sound and rain showers provide an upscale feel to bathrooms. Natural colors and tones are a popular aesthetic choice that add to the high-end spa environment. Another trendy feature is exposed shelving to display beautifully-packaged toiletries and plush towels.

Unique Appliance Solutions

Many residents now opt for kitchen solutions custom to their habits and preferences. The traditional stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are no longer the only options for homeowners. Appliance stores in Jacksonville, like First Coast Supply, now offer double-paned ovens, dishwashers in pull out drawers, commercial style ranges, and over the stove pot fillers.

Waterfall Style Countertops

Homeowners love waterfall-style countertops where the counter material spills over the sides of the kitchen island to hide cabinetry. Natural stone materials like marble, granite and quartz are typically used for waterfall-style countertops. This style element gives kitchens a natural, flowing vibe.

Custom Tiled Bathroom Floors

As homeowners begin to consider designs outside of basic bright white, custom tile is more popular than ever. From bright colors to interesting patterns, beautiful tile work is a great way to fully customize your living space. These can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns and designs customized to each individual’s taste.

Interesting Appliance Finishes

Basic white or stainless steel appliances are no longer the only options. Many different finishes are available for appliances. A trend many people love is paneled refrigerators that offer a seamless and custom look. Appliance finishes vary from stone-inspired slate to retro reds and blues.


Get off to the right start with your home remodel by incorporating trends homeowners love. Start your renovation process with a visit to the First Coast Supply Showroom.