Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

Do you spend too much time indoors? The outdoor area around your home is like a canvas. There is a lot of space untouched, waiting for creativity to make it more enjoyable. Our team at First Coast Supply has countless creative outdoor kitchen ideas. Check out these ideas we love!

Remodeling a Closet or Tool Shed

Do you have a closet or tool shed outside that doesn’t get used? Is it just stuffed with a bunch of yard tools, many of which you probably don’t use? Try to remodel that space and incorporate a small outdoor kitchen. This shed allows for you to creatively transform a closet or tool shed into a functional outdoor area. This space will open new doors for a compact, outdoor kitchen.

Natural Wood in a Covered Area

Is your covered outdoor space boring? Spice up your space with natural wood and brass bulb fixtures. The combination of these two will allow for an outdoor kitchen set up that is quite functional. The brass bulb lighting over the cabinets and kitchen appliances will allow for late night cooking or a great space to hang out at night. We have seen this in local Jacksonville homes and they look amazing!

Combining Indoors with the Outdoors

Consider combining indoors with the outdoors like with a sliding glass door in your kitchen. You could also add a kitchen area to a sun porch. When your doors connect you to your deck or patio, it creates an amazing indoor and outdoor space to enjoy.

The Outdoor Centerpiece

Make your outdoor kitchen the centerpiece of your backyard. First Coast Supply would be more than happy to install appliances and a row of cabinets covered with beautiful countertops. Line up your appliances so that everything connected leads to a dining area. Your home will quickly become the go-to spot to watch the big games and entertainment events! Throw in a heater and your house is the year-round party spot!

Make the most of your backyard with appliances, cabinets and countertops from First Coast Supply. The addition of an outdoor kitchen will give your home a social centerpiece. The outdoors should be a place for you to relax and spend time with friends and family. Reach out to us at First Coast Supply for all your kitchen appliance needs. Make that outdoor kitchen a genuine dream space!