Ring in the New Year with a New Bathroom

Are you feeling that spark of energy from the new year? We know you’re craving change in your life, why not ring in the new year with a modern, clean bathroom remodel. Channel that energy into something the whole family will appreciate. There’s no better time to commit to change than the start of a new year. Here are some renovations that’ll give you the inspiration you need to commit to the resolution of a new bathroom:


Fresh Countertops

Leave your outdated countertops in 2017 because we’re raising our bathroom standards in the new year! The home trends to hop on in 2018 include minimalism and simplicity. No matter your style, First Coast Supply has got you covered. According to countertopguides.com, one of the easiest ways to boost the value of your home is replacing your countertops. Quality countertops, such as marble, granite or quartz, can last 30+ years. That’s a beautiful AND cost-effective investment for your home.


Perfect Your Plumbing

Not only are your tubs, sinks and faucets the main attraction of your bathroom, they’re also functional. The functionality of your plumbing is crucial to a modern, low maintenance bathroom. If you’ve had any sort of leakage in your bathroom, now’s the time to get it taken care of. Leaks are driving up your water bill and just flat out annoying. It’s time to commit to fixing your plumbing and adding some modern statement pieces to your bathroom! First Coast Supply has just what you need to execute the change.


Modernized Cabinetry

The fresh start of this new year is the perfect opportunity to replace your moldy, outdated cabinets with modern, spacious ones. Too much storage never hurt anyone! If you’ve noticed any sign of mold, water damage or regular wear and tear, your family deserves something more updated. Not only will the upgrade be easy on the eyes, but also easier on the air in your home. Water damaged and moldy cabinets can lead to unclean air for you and your family. This is also another great way to increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell soon or not, this is an investment worth every cent. When properly taken care of, cabinets can last 50+ years. For further information on cabinet replacement, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’d be happy to walk you through the process!


Kick off your new year by designing a bathroom from your dream Pinterest board. At First Coast Supply, we make the process easier for you because you have so much on your mind as it is. When it’s time to choose the best appliances, countertops and cabinets for your home, come visit our Jacksonville showroom. We’d be more than happy to make your bathroom renovation resolution a reality.