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The Luxury Kitchen Comes Together

With Signature Kitchen Suite’s full line of luxury, built-in appliances you’ll find the perfect blend of innovation,
precision and purposeful design for every kitchen, and every appetite.

Perfection’s Built In

On our cooking appliances you’ll find that precision, power and versatility ensure your meals are made in the best way possible. Our ranges,
rangetops, and cooktops, offer an array of cooking methods, including Flex Induction, a Chromium Griddle, Ultra-High™ and Ultra-Low™
Burners, and the ultimate cooking precision of the first built-in sous vide on the market. Our ovens provide the versatility of a True SteamCombi™ Oven, perfect for everything from meat, poultry and fish, to cakes, pies and breads. And it’s all perfectly complemented by our
WiFi-enabled ventilation, automatically turning on when the companion appliance is in use.

Long Live Freshness

Fresh food has earned a home that will care for it in the best ways possible. That’s why we put so much innovation and engineering into its
preservation. We’re determined to keep the integrity of your fresh food with the industry’s only built-in French Door Refrigerator, including
a convertible middle drawer, the largest capacity integrated freezer and refrigerator columns available. Ingeniously engineered with an
emphasis on providing the perfect cave-like environment. Using our exclusive Wine Cave Technology™, our Wine Columns defend your
collection against wine’s four biggest threats: vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity.

At Your Service

Every day without a working appliance is a missed opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal, so we offer an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty* with a 5-day Repair or Replace Promise.