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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Oven

No one ever really thinks about their oven until it stops working. There’s a good chance you go through each and every week without thinking twice about its functionality, energy efficiency or age. If your casseroles aren’t cooking through and your oven begins to demonstrate any of these signs, then you know it’s time for an appliance upgrade.

#1 Your Electric Oven doesn’t Heat to the Desired Temperature

Even modern ovens have their faults. If you set the temperature to 400-degrees but it falls short by 100-degrees, the heating element is likely to blame. This could be fixed by a professional, but there’s a good chance you’re due for a new unit.

#2 Your Gas Oven won’t Light

Faulty gas ovens can be far more hazardous than broken electric ovens. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is serious, so take care of any broken parts right away. If your oven doesn’t light, the cause could be a broken switch, pilot light problem or a lack of oxygen.

#3 The Energy Bill Appears Higher than Usual

An outdated, ill-performing oven can greatly affect the price of your monthly utility bill. An oven requires energy to heat, but it shouldn’t be a significant line item on your energy bill. If you start to notice a steady rise, this is a strong sign you should replace your oven.

#4 The Interior has Rust and Grime

This isn’t always a huge red flag — your oven just made need a really good clean. If the rust is a thick layer or corroded parts of the oven, you should replace your unit immediately. Rust can cause your food to cook unevenly and greatly affect your oven’s performance.

#5 You Hear Strange Noises whenever Your Oven is On

An oven in tip-top shape shouldn’t emit any noise at all. If you start to hear a tick, buzz or scratching, a loose or faulty part is likely to blame. You should immediately turn your oven off and reach out to a professional for an inspection.

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