Simple Tips to Make Your Home the Ultimate Hangout Spot

Spring break coming to an end and summer right around the corner means one thing for moms and dads. Between sports practice and beach days, you want to do everything possible to encourage your kids and their friends to hang out at your house. It’s no secret that the house with the fun perks is where the kids huddle for the FL summer. From an outdoor kitchen to a fully equipped bonus room, we’re here to help Jacksonville parents make the most of their home this summer.

Invest in Your Outdoor Area

People of all ages flock to Florida during summer for the warm weather and laid back vibes. Your kids are stuck in classrooms all year long, so the last place they want to be during a summer day is inside. When you equip your backyard with fun additions, your kids will invite all of their friends over for the long afternoons and late nights.

Our favorite add-on for a Jacksonville home is an outdoor kitchen. Incorporate elements you know your family loves — a brick pizza oven, wine cooler and kegerator are a few favorites. Hey, number two and three on that list will definitely have your college-aged kids flocking home for the summer!

Another great outdoor addition is (of course) a swimming pool. If your home doesn’t have the pool, another kid’s family or a local beach club certainly will. Set aside some time to combine the two elements — did someone say pizza and pool party?

Don’t Underestimate the Appeal of a Den

Your little kiddos and the grown-ups of the family will all love the perks of a bonus room. You don’t have to designate a huge room to reap the benefits. Consider a pool table or foosball table, a wet bar and a big screen TV.

A den is perfect for watching the big game, movie nights and pool tournaments. Stock the wet bar with all of their favorite sodas and snacks. To kids, there’s just something about having a place in the house to kick their shoes off and run around. The den is the perfect spot for late-night summer hangouts.

Make the Most of Your Indoor/Outdoor Space

Some of these upgrades are as simple as calling your local Jacksonville experts. A pool might take a few months to install, but you can get started on an outdoor kitchen or den design right away.

Ready to make your home the place to be this summer? We’re here to help. Reach out to the First Coast Supply team or stop by our showroom. We can’t wait to see you!