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It’s Time to Give Your Home the Spring Maintenance it Needs

Spring is here! That also means spring cleaning and updates are too. Not sure where to begin? First, start with a checklist of everything that needs to be done, then break it down into exterior and interior. Doing this will not only help you organize your thoughts but decide what your highest priority updates are.

As always, the First Coast Supply team is here to help you evaluate each area of your home to determine what needs maintenance, replacement, or repair.


Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Examine your home’s exterior for wear and tear from the fall and winter weather. Clean up and make repairs to avoid maintenance surprises. Here’s how to spruce up your property for spring:


Gutters fill up with debris and leaves which can impact drainage from the roof. Hire a professional or clean the gutters yourself. Don’t forget to practice safety when cleaning gutters by using a sturdy ladder and having tools ready. Having a bucket or place a tarp on the ground to catch the gunk from the gutters will make this task much easier, as it avoids a mess on the lawn.

Repair Chipped Paint

Chipped paint not only looks bad but did you know it can cause damage to siding and trim? If your home isn’t due for repainting, repair only the worn areas. Scrape off the chipped paint before painting. Make sure to match the paint color exactly for a seamless finish.


Clean up last year’s growth by trimming and pruning trees and bushes. Clear out any remaining fall leaves and replace old mulch for a fresh look. Before you plant, check the irrigation system and sprinklers for needed repairs. Then, plant your fresh spring flowers.

Decks and Patios

You want your decks and patios in good shape for outdoor fun. Reseal wooden fences, decks, and patios. Clean or replace outdoor furniture. Make your outdoor space inviting for the warm weather months that are ahead!


Inspect and clean your grill to make sure it’s in good working condition for upcoming cookouts and holidays. Spring is a great time to upgrade your grill. Consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your home to create the perfect entertainment space.


interior spring home maintenacne

Interior Maintenance Checklist

The warm spring days we’ve all been anticipating are finally on the way! We invite you to open your windows and clean out the winter germs. Spring is also a great time to start fresh with repairs and remodels.

Spring Cleaning

Begin your spring maintenance with a deep clean to clear out the clutter. Donate old or unwanted items and throw away broken items. Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Consider having your windows and carpets professionally cleaned. 

Air Conditioning

The worst time for an air conditioner to go out is during the warmer months – especially down south! Be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner. Clean out interior vents and replace your air filter regularly to ensure good airflow.

Update Appliances

Deep clean your refrigerator by pulling out the shelves and throwing away expired foods. Pull out your refrigerator and vacuum lint from the backside. Inspect your kitchen appliances for needed repairs or maintenance. Time for an upgrade? Visit your Jacksonville kitchen appliance store to purchase new or updated appliances.

Check Safety Features

Spring is an excellent time to maintain your home’s safety features. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Inspect your fire extinguishers and replace any that are expired or damaged.

Make your home look and feel great for spring and summer. It’s not too late for spring home maintenance. In fact, now is a perfect time! Use our checklist to get started.

For home remodel ideas or to update your kitchen appliances, visit the First Coast Supply showroom. We are Jacksonville’s premier home design and kitchen appliance store.