3 Summer Kitchen Ideas for an Enjoyable Season

No summer in Florida is complete if it’s not spent primarily outdoors. Between beach days, afternoons on the boat and hours by the pool, it’s important to equip your family with the right warm weather amenities. Weather that’s sunscreen or an outdoor stovetop, everyone has a little indulgence they love.

We may be biased, but nothing really compares to a stocked outdoor kitchen in the summer. Just picture it — a perfect 80-degree evening with your close friends and kiddos hanging out by the pool. String lights flutter across the patio, music plays in the background and the wood fire grill bakes pizza in your outdoor kitchen. Want to serve cold beer and wine without schlepping inside? Your outdoor kegerator and wine fridge have got you covered.

Create the Outdoor Kitchen as if its a Real Room

Look at this bonus kitchen as an extension of your home. When you design the kitchen, choose a cozy, covered area so you can use it in rain or shine. Don’t forget to incorporate all of the same amenities you use in your indoor kitchen.

Work with your First Coast Supply design expert to sort through every detail you may want. One of the most overlooked features is a ceiling fan, which will be a huge bonus during the hot Jacksonville summer. Other ideas include non-slip flooring, a cooking range, cupboards and a sink.

Don’t Skip the Need for Storage

Stainless steel cabinets or another durable, water-resistant material is perfect for your outdoor kitchen. If you really want to make the most of your new space, it’s important to equip the area with components you’ll need.

First Coast Supply works with homeowners of every budget to maximize their outdoor space. It’s your job to get excited about the design and fun details. It’s our job to make sure important aspects like storage aren’t overlooked.

Choose a Style that Suits Your Family

Every home has an underlying architectural style that must be followed. You wouldn’t put a farmhouse kitchen in an ultra-modern home! The First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville features kitchen details to fit every look.

Combine important elements like lighting, countertops and cabinetry to create a look you love. Not sure which direction you should choose? We have designers on-staff to evaluate your home aesthetic and create an outdoor kitchen to match. Depending on your budget, brands like Wolf and GE create appliances perfect for any outdoor space.

Create the Outdoor Kitchen You’ve Always Imagined

Everyone has an idea of what their dream space looks like. Whether it’s an outdoor area equipped with all the tools to elevate the big game or a simple nook for entertaining, we’re here to help point you in the right direction.

From simple fixtures to high-end appliances, First Coast Supply has every element you need to bring your outdoor kitchen to life. Reach out to us here to get started on your renovation project.