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Take Your Outdoor Kitchen to the Next Level

An outdoor kitchen is a fun way to add value to your home. Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level this summer with added style. Not only does an outdoor kitchen provide a great place to entertain, it helps with energy efficiency when you cook outside instead of heating up your home by turning on the indoor oven.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for Jacksonville, Florida homes where the mild winter temperatures allow you to use your kitchen throughout the year. When you upgrade your outdoor kitchen, you’ll never want to cook inside again.

Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

Raise the Roof

Protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements by adding a roof. A roof provides much needed shade from the sun to keep you cooler. Build a roof with electrical wiring so that lighting or a ceiling fan can be added. Adding a roof will truly make your outdoor kitchen feel like an additional room for your home.

Full-Size Refrigerator

Why hide your extra refrigerator in the garage? Add a full-size refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen instead. This is a great space to stock drinks for kids and adults to enjoy while playing outside. Take it up a notch with a fun-colored, retro refrigerator for extra style.

Upgrade Your Grill

Add a built-in grill from a quality brand to your outdoor kitchen. Choose a grill with excellent cooking performance. Also, consider style and durability when selecting your new grill. You want a grill that will last and prepares food just as well as your indoor stove and oven. Built-in grills are available with natural gas or propane to meet your specific needs.

Light it Up

The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Lighting adds functionality, safety and style to your outdoor kitchen. Also, with proper lighting, you can use your outdoor kitchen during the winter months when the days are shorter. Upgrade to smart lighting or LED lighting for added energy efficiency.

Storage Organization

You don’t want to have to run inside every time you need a pot or utensil. Build storage solutions into your outdoor kitchen to keep your tools and supplies handy, clean, safe and organized. Store your most commonly used outdoor kitchen tools in your outdoor cabinets for easy access while they are protected from weather and dirt.

Comfortable Seating

The whole point of an outdoor kitchen is to create a space to gather outdoors with friends and family. Comfortable seating is key to keep everyone relaxed. Invest in a quality outdoor table with ample seating. Buy weather-resistant chair cushions for added comfort. Create a separate sitting area with weather-friendly furniture. Your family and friends won’t ever want to leave your comfy seats.

Add Entertainment

Don’t forget to add entertainment to your outdoor kitchen. Install an outdoor sound system complete with a television for watching your favorite sporting events. Set up your internet access so that it’s accessible from your outdoor kitchen. Add a game table, yard games or water activities to keep the younger guests entertained.

Take it to the Next Level

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. Then, your home is sure to be the favorite hangout spot. Contact First Coast Supply to schedule a consultation today. To get ideas for your outdoor kitchen, visit Jacksonville, Florida’s First Coast Supply Showroom.