The Best and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Oven

The Best and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Oven
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You use your oven almost every single day to bake, make pizzas and roast chickens. As the months go by, the oven that used to look shiny and new is going to start to show some grime.  The grease and charred particles of food that have fallen from pans become more prevalent.  What are the best and most efficient ways to clean your oven? Our team at First Coast Supply wants to help you with this so you can keep the oven you get at our kitchen appliance stores Jacksonville FL clean.


It is never a good thing to leave your oven in a dirty state. The oven can remain coated in carbon, and it can change the taste of your food. A fire hazard can also easily be created when you ignore the need to clean it. We have put together some tips to clean your oven routinely.


Give it Time

You want to choose a day when you have plenty of time to clean the oven because it isn’t something that can be done in just 10 minutes. It can take a lot longer than expected, so make sure you have the schedule cleared to get it done. Be prepared to not use the oven for a few hours at the very least.



Does the oven you purchased at our kitchen appliance stores Jacksonville FL have a self-cleaning feature? If it does, this is a great feature for you to use. The self-cleaning feature works to get the oven temperature to such a high degree that it is going to turn anything inside of it to complete ash. Once it does this, you can quickly wipe up the excess inside of the oven.  Ovens that have this feature should be used routinely to get the maximum effect.


Cleaning Products

Once you have completed the self-cleaning process, you can use a kitchen cleaning product to give the door of the oven a nice wipe down.  This can help to get the glass shining once again to get any dirt and such that has built up on it completely off of there.


Soak Oven Racks

The racks of the oven that get dirty over time should be removed from the oven before you begin to go through the full cleaning process. Once you get the oven racks out of there, you should be placing them in the sink and allowing them to soak in a combination of soap and water. The combination of these two things allows you to get the biggest impact when cleaning the racks.  You could have a clean oven, but you want the racks of the oven to look sparkling as well.


It is not all that difficult to care for your oven. The most efficient method is to use the self-cleaning mode. If your oven does not have this type of feature, you can use a combination of a sponge, water and baking soda to get rid of the build-up inside of the oven. When you get an oven from our kitchen appliance stores Jacksonville FL we want to help you keep it clean.  Practice the methods above, and you should enjoy some quality results.