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The Pro’s Guide to Bosch Appliances

It’s not every day you find an appliance brand that offers so many perks. From impressive energy efficiency to streamlined looks, it’s hard to beat the modern models produces by Bosch. For the record, the First Coast Supply team is anything but biased. We’re around great appliance brands all the time, we just felt it was time to shine a spotlight on a favorite brand of many homeowners.

Modern Innovation Makes All the Difference in Jacksonville Homes

Bosch spent many years and lots of money on research and development. Their efforts paid off! Bosch’s recent appliance lines offer homeowners benefits unmatched by many of its competitors.

Some of our favorite improvements to the Bosch brand include the TFT touch display on ovens, the new control wheel and the Eco-Clean Direct feature. Gone are the days of dirty ovens and convoluted cooking — Bosch solves all the problems of outdated appliances with its new features.

Energy Efficiency is at the Forefront of Bosch’s Design

The higher price tag to purchase Bosch appliances shows clear returns on lower utility bills. New Bosch models use low amounts of energy while offering powerful results. Features like the Ecosilence Drive motor provide peak efficiency and durability with none of the noise or wasted energy.

Unparalleled Looks and Quality for Discerning Homeowners

Every Bosch appliance boasts a streamlined, top-quality design that’s perfect for homes of every design. Every single product they produce is carefully inspected and tested to meet the appliance manufacturer’s high standards.

Bosh appliances aren’t meant to just last a few years. All of their appliances are an investment that can lead to a higher home resale value, improved cooking techniques and a better-looking home.

Stop by Our Showroom to See the Best Bosch Appliances on the Market

The First Coast Supply showroom is designed to make homeowners like you feel right at home. We stage kitchens of all sizes and price ranges to give you an idea of what your new appliances look like once installed.

Shopping for appliances is fun, so why not start looking around as soon as possible? Reach out to First Coast Supply today to schedule your visit.