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The Top 3 Benefits of a Wet Bar

We all have those wish lists of stuff that we would absolutely love to have as part of our home.  We all want a dream kitchen, we want our family living space, our social space.  In order to create all of these things, you need ideas for what is going to fill these rooms.  One such asset that many people may not think about as top of mind, but can add a lot of value and sociability to a home, is that of a wet bar.

When the summer months begin to come to a close, the focus starts to turn to the fall months of October and November.  This is the time of year when many of the social gatherings begin to move inside and you want to make the most out of the social space that you have.  One great addition that you can make is that of a wet bar.  A wet bar is a great addition as it is cheaper than remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, but provides a great many benefits.  We are the Jacksonville appliance store, First Coast Supply, that can help you get set up for such a setup.

Having a Sink Available

Many homes are going to have a bar area in them, whether it is off of the dining room or perhaps in the basement for social gatherings.  What most of them are lacking though is that of having an actual sink.  The whole definition of a wet bar means that it is a bar that has its very own sink.  This means running water, all of the plumbing, everything.  This is great because when you go to make drinks for you and your friends, water is pretty much a necessity.  When a glass needs to be washed out, the sink is right there and readily available.

Having a sink that is so accessible is one of the best things about a wet bar.  When you add the bar off of a bathroom or a laundry room, the plumbing is already going to be nearby, so tapping into that will be much less expensive than you think.  Our Jacksonville appliance store can help you get that perfect sink as well.

Keeping Drinks Cold

The other great feature that you are going to find with a wet bar is that of a miniature refrigerator. When you have a refrigerator with the wet bar, the drinks are going to be right there when you need them.  When you want to store wine, drinks, soda, all of that can be done right there at the wet bar. This way, it gets the drinks out of your main refrigerator, and also keeps them handy so that you can mix and serve away behind your new bar.

Preserving Your Kitchen

Whenever you have a group of guests over, what you are likely to find is that they are going to hang out where all of the food and drinks are.  In most homes, this means that they are going to gravitate towards the kitchen area.  This can lead to an overcrowded kitchen, one that gets dirty and worn down over time.  When you have a wet bar, you can entertain guests with food and drinks at the bar and allow them to stay around that area, rather than in your kitchen. A wet bar is going to draw people in and also spark great conversation amongst a group of friends.

Having a wet bar in your home is a great asset to have.  It can improve your home’s value, and also help you with all of the many benefits that it brings beyond the monetary piece.  We at First Coast Supply can help you as your Jacksonville appliance store.  This way you can get that perfect sink, refrigerator, counter, and everything else you need to make your wet bar as perfect as can be.