The Ultimate Checklist for a Bathroom Remodel

Home renovations require detailed plans and thorough checklists if you want to keep your project on time and in budget. From luxe cabinetry selections to modern appliance installation, the following checklist will keep the bathroom remodel in your Jacksonville home on track.

Achieve Your Dream Bathroom With This Simple Checklist

Home remodeling projects aren’t all the TV shows crack them up to be. You have countless cabinetry stain choices, endless tile selections…you get the point. After all of the hard decisions and hours of construction work, the final product is completely worth the work.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

A whole lot easier said than done, of course! It doesn’t matter if your budget is $100 or $100,000 — working on your own or with a contractor to create an itemized budget is a must.

Everything costs money in a bathroom remodel. Want to move a pipe? Price it out. Thinking about custom-sized cabinetry? Expect a price tag to match. We know budget talk is no fun — but we have great news! 

First Coast Supply has renovation pros to help with the hard decisions.

Draw Out Your Dream Bathroom

Put a pencil to paper and decide where you want everything to go. You have a relatively slim amount of square footage, so making the most of your space is key. Work with our team to create a layout that accentuates the room.

You shouldn’t have to settle for an inadequate bathroom if you own a home in Jacksonville. Before you make any big decisions with your bathroom remodel, stop by our showroom for an unparalleled selection of fixtures, cabinetry and more.

Narrow in On the Necessities

Even the most adventurous bathroom designs have the same main components. Focus on the shower and sink fixtures, vanity, tub/shower and toilet before making decisions on the smaller details.

Whatever you decide, don’t compromise functionality for appearance. Consult our team of experts about the big and little design choices for your remodel.

No Such Thing as Minor Details

While the necessities should be your first focus, you certainly can’t neglect the other design aspects! It’s important to choose durable flooring and attractive lighting that accentuates your space.

Ideally, this will be the last time you remodel this bathroom for a while. Choose high-quality design components that will last for many years.

Bring Your Bathroom Design Dreams to Life

You deserve a beautiful bathroom that matches your personality and makes your home pop. First Coast Supply specializes in making visions a reality in homes across Jacksonville. We understand the importance of selecting cabinetry, appliances and design elements that perfectly complement one another.

Reach out to the First Coast Supply design professionals for help on your bathroom remodel.