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4 Key Things To Know About Refrigerator Maintenance

Unexpected home maintenance expenses are never fun. When you planned to buy that new pair of shoes or take your kids to the Jags game, the last thing you need is costly repairs on a faulty fridge. Our team at First Coast Supply is here with four important ways to keep your refrigerator running and avoid expensive maintenance.

Keep it Stocked with the Good Stuff

We bet you didn’t know that the health of your refrigerator is dependant on the contents inside. Fridges depend on thermal mass to regulate low temperatures. What does this mean, exactly? All of those leftovers, bottles of water and fresh herbs absorb warm air when you open the door and help maintain the right temperature.

If you’re not home much and your fridge doesn’t get used, store a few jugs of water in there. Physical items on the shelves and in the drawers is the best way to keep your refrigerator operating at its optimal temperature.

Check the Door Seals for Debris and Deterioration

Those black seals that line the interior of your refrigerator doors typically go unnoticed every day. When the seals are damaged or dirty, cool air will seep out and drive your energy bill up. The First Coast Supply appliance experts recommend you deep clean your door seals twice a year with a toothbrush and equal parts baking soda and white vinegar.

Think your seals may be past the point of repair? There’s an easy trick to help you find out. Slide a dollar bill halfway into the door seal. If the dollar drops to the ground when you close the door, it’s time to replace the seals or upgrade your refrigerator.

Be Smart During Storm Season

The first thing Jacksonville residents worry about when a hurricane comes is what they’ll do about food and water. Before the power goes out, grab everything you want out of the fridge then close it and keep it closed.

Keeping the doors shut when there’s no power is the best way to keep your food from going bad. Rotten food causes nasty leaks, odors and a big mess to clean up.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Dusty refrigerator coils are the bain of its efficient operation. Cleaning the coils is a fairly simple job, depending on the model of your refrigerator unit. If you have a stand-alone unit, simply flip your fridge around to reveal the coils. Unplug the refrigerator and use the hose on your vacuum to dust the coils.

If you have a built-in unit or your coils aren’t located behind your fridge, it’s smart to call a professional to handle the maintenance. This affordable service can save you hundreds in operating costs over time.

Find the Refrigerator of Your Dreams at First Coast Supply

If you reach the decision that it’s just time for a new fridge, First Coast Supply is here to help. Visit our Jacksonville showroom and chat with our appliance experts today to find your perfect unit.