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Three Unique Ideas to Add Counters to an Outdoor Kitchen

Father and daughter preparing a barbecue at an outdoor summer kitchen on a paved patio with a garden umbrella table and chairs as they grill the meat on the gas BBQ waiting for guests to arrive

Outdoor kitchens are different compared to your traditional kitchen space in so many ways. An indoor kitchen is known to be very traditional; the style usually is desired to be meshed in with the rest of the home. Outdoor kitchens do not fall under this same mindset, though, as you actually can go outside of the box and think of some unique and different tracks that you can take. Going with different kitchen counters Jacksonville FL is one of the ways that you can add counter space in a unique fashion to an outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen counters Jacksonville FL residents choose for an outdoor kitchen will vary depending on taste and what he or she is looking to get out of the kitchen space. Someone may think that a particular type of counter in a precise location is going to work correctly in the outdoor kitchen, while someone else may seem that same idea as something not desirable at all. The differences exhibited here are perfectly acceptable across the board and should be tackled head on as you begin to design the kitchen space.

Go With a Unique Countertop Material

One of the best ways to go the unique route when it comes to your kitchen counters Jacksonville FL is to try and use a material that is just different. Many options will fall under this bucket, but some of them are certainly going to stand out more than others. You always have the standard countertop materials that you can choose from, think granite, quartz, Corian, among others.

The outside of the box kitchen countertop materials though is what will allow your space to stand out. One of the more popular ones that continue to make waves really is that of a concrete countertop. This works perfectly in an outdoor kitchen environment, the material is safe in weather conditions, looks tremendous, and can add a lot of flair to the outdoor space.

Add a Table Area

You may be investing in an outdoor kitchen, only to forget about actually incorporating dining space into it. A solution to this is to use the kitchen counters Jacksonville FL to double basically like a table area. We can work with you to ensure that you have an overhang with your kitchen counters so that there is enough space for stools to be pulled up or even chairs. This can create a table area where you, your guests, or anyone else can just stop and enjoy a meal, drink, or anything really while you are cooking away.

Filling the Cabinets

Another area where you can add counters to your outdoor kitchen and make it unique is to incorporate the countertops into the cabinets. Cabinets traditionally just have shelving that is made of wood, the same material that the cabinets themselves are made. An easy thing to do is to have the countertop material fill the cabinet so that the countertop flows throughout the entire outdoor kitchen. The look that this can give off can be truly unique and what you can also do here is leave the cabinets that much more open, with a glass door or something along those lines, so that it can stand out to guests.

There are many different and unique twists that you can tackle when it comes to kitchen counters Jacksonville FL. The unique ways in which you can incorporate different materials for your counters, like concrete, can add a whole new level of character to the stable. Using the countertop materials for a table area as well as inside of your cabinets can give it that much more of an excellent and functional combination as well.