Try These Trendy Home Designs

Stay on top of the latest trends in home design! It’s fun to make your home look fresh with updates and remodels. Whether you’re investing in a full kitchen or bathroom remodel or simply painting a room, you can easily incorporate modern, stylish elements to keep your property on trend.


Hot Trends for 2018 Home Design


Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into your home design. Materials like copper, concrete and granite offer an organic feel. A mix of earthly colors and materials gives a warm, relaxed and natural essence that’s on trend.


Reclaimed materials support sustainability with a modern touch. Consider reclaimed woods for doors or an island countertop. Use sustainable materials like bamboo or formaldehyde-free cabinets in your Jacksonville home. If you budget is limited, try small touches like adding more plants or pulling in accents in natural materials.


Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are a hot trend this year, in home design and fashion. Instead of matching your faucets, drawer handles and appliances, mix your metals. Mix natural copper elements with brass or soft gold. Incorporate modern metals like brass, which is making a major comeback, into your design.


If you love the look of nickel, replace polished nickel with satin or brushed nickel for a softer look. Then, incorporate the trend by adding pulls or light fixtures in a different metal finish. The key with this trend is to avoid the matchy-matchy, perfect design feel of past years.


All-White is Out

A very popular, recent design trend was the all-white farmhouse style. Things are warming up now. Rich colors, warm woods and bold metals are replacing the monochromatic, bright, clean and white design elements. Upgrade your white cabinets with a custom color instead. Greys, neutral greens, blues and even bold statement colors are now on-trend.


Oak is also making a comeback for cabinetry. The versatility and durability of oak is driving the resurgence. Unlike oak of yesteryear, today’s oak cabinets incorporate modern design elements like recessed panels for added dimension.


If a new kitchen or bathroom isn’t in your budget, you can still upgrade your all-white features. Mix in black for a bold contrast or tackle a simple project like updating a backsplash with an interesting tile design.


Vintage Lighting

Lighting shouldn’t be boring. In fact, lighting can be used for a dramatic effect in any room. Vintage lighting is a modern trend in home design. Like with mixed metals, this trend moves away from the streamlined, monochromatic style of recent years.


Popular options include, exposed lighting, vintage pendants and brass or copper sconces. Replace one light fixture for an easy DIY project. If you want a bold change, add vintage lights throughout your kitchen or bathroom. One quick way to incorporate this trend is with a vintage lamp to see if you like the look for your home.


Resort and Spa Style

Another hot trend is creating a luxury, spa-like feel for your home. This is especially popular with bathrooms right now. The other trends work together to match this trend. Mixing metals, adding natural elements, warming up all-white spaces and incorporating vintage lighting all help to add modern and luxurious style.


For bathroom, focus on the shower. Upgrade your showerhead to a rain showerhead and modernize the tile with warmer materials. To create a spa-like feel on a tight budget, buy new, better quality towels and accent pieces in warm, natural colors.


Keep Your Home on Trend

Stay on top of home design to keep your home feeling relevant and modern. Depending on your budget, play around with the popular trends for your home. Visit the First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville to get ideas for everything from cabinets to appliances.