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Unique Shower Additions to Enhance Any Bathroom

Head shower while running water

There are plenty of little changes that you can make to help really transform your bathroom into something modern and special. If you want to enhance any bathroom with unique shower additions, what we offer at First Coast Supply can help you with that. This can help your shower and bath tubs Jacksonville FL be different, in a positive way, to help you create that bathroom oasis that you have always wanted.

It does not take a massive redesign to help transform bathtubs Jacksonville FL and showers into something special. It just takes a little creativity and the right professionals working with you to make it happen. We have put together al listing of some unique shower additions that are sure to enhance any bathroom out there and make it that much more of an ideal space for you.

Adding a Shelf

You want to have shelf space in your shower so that you can use in while you are taking a shower or enjoying the bath tub. Now more than ever before, a bathroom is truly becoming an oasis, a place where you can go to have a retreat, get away from everything, similar to a spa type experience.

When you want to try to create this type of oasis, what you need to have are the shelf space to hold all of the things that you need. This includes having the right soaps and such, maybe holding a waterproof speaker, a glass of wine, or anything else that you may need while you are in there. You can have a shelf added to your shower and bath tubs Jacksonville FL easier than you think.

Building Storage into the Walls

No one wants to have to deal with a shower caddy constantly hanging down from their shower head, that is never a good look. You want it gone and one of the ways to do this is to create recessed storage right inside of the walls of your bathroom space. These are easy things to add, they are simple, and they can really help you from an organizational point of view. A professional can help you build a shower recessed storage space pretty easily with tile or other materials.

Replace the Window With Glass Blocks

You may have a window that is in your bathroom that has always driven you crazy. You do not want people to be able to see right into your bathroom through the window while you are taking a shower, going into the tub, or anything else. Why not replace the window that you have with glass blocks. These blocks can add a lot of privacy while still allowing natural light to be able to flow right into the living space.

Adding a Shower Head

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if you had multiple shower heads in your shower? These are pretty easy to have and when you have a double shower head, you can enjoy some quality couple time and also save minutes waiting for the shower in the morning to get your turn.

There are plenty of unique ways that you can make your showers and bathtubs Jacksonville FL be truly special. We all have that vision in our head of what we want our dream bathroom to look like. When you open your mind and begin to get creative, you will see that there are plenty of options out there that can allow you to make this a reality with ease. We at First Coast Supply can help you get there.