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4 Distinctive Ways To Make Your Bathroom Different

Parents just like you start to get the remodeling itch around this time of year. When the kids head back to school, you finally have the energy and freedom to check items off your to-do list. If your bathroom feels less like a sanctuary and more like a closet, it’s time to take the steps to rejuvenate your space. Here are a few popular ways to upgrade your bathroom and create a truly luxurious retreat.

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Smart Technology is a Staple of Any Modern Bathroom

Modern technology creates a high-tech relaxation experience for bathrooms in homes all around Jacksonville. Voice control options for lighting, faucets and sound systems are a popular option for custom homes. Another favorite feature is smart mirrors with built-in lighting to brighten and darken while in use.

Motion-sensors have been popular in public restrooms for years but have just started to make their way into residential bathrooms. Common features like automatic faucets and toilets provide water-saving, hands-free usability. Use smart technology to upgrade your bathroom and improve functionality while saving on utility costs.

Functional Storage is a Game-Changer for Frequently Used Spaces

Storage is necessary for bathrooms of all sizes. Creative storage solutions have emerged thanks to the floating vanity and minimalism trends. Below-vanity and closet storage are no longer the only options. Vertical storage solutions like built-in cabinets and floating shelves are popular for houses all over Jacksonville.

As the minimalist trend becomes even more popular, we recommend you focus on only storing items you actually use. Discard the clutter and keep your bathroom space simple and beautiful so your design is clutter-free.

Get Smarter About Square Footage

Bathrooms are becoming bigger and more luxurious. As people continue to use their bathrooms as at-home spas, the size of the space is increasing. New homes are built with larger bathrooms and home renovation projects are often centered around expanding their space. One popular option is to expand the bathroom by removing space from a nearby room or closet. The bathroom footprint is increasing to allow ample room for storage, dressing and relaxation

Ceramic Surfaces are a Favorite for Every Budget

Ceramic is a popular trend in home bathroom design. Its durability and versatility are the primary reasons for this surfaces rise in popularity. The wide array of shapes, colors and patterns make ceramic a perfect option for any bathroom.

Not only is ceramic used for floors, but it’s often incorporated into the overall design. Ceramic backsplashes, shower tiles and even wall coverings are used throughout high-end bathrooms. It’s always fun to combine various shapes and colors for a modern and personalized look.

Stay on Trend with the Guidance of the First Coast Supply Team

If you’re like many other homeowners, you don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s. No matter your style, incorporate smart technology to add value and functionality to your bathroom. Work with your dedicated First Coast Supply team member to select the perfect features to set your space apart.