What Style Refrigerator Fits Your Kitchen Best?

Experienced homeowners understand how important it is to choose the right refrigerator. If you’re a novice to the appliance shopping process, we’re here to help. Jacksonville residents are fortunate to have access to plenty of retailers that stock refrigerators. Options are a wonderful thing, but it makes your research that much more important.

Modern refrigerator models often check every box on your list of requirements. Of course, your priorities should remain at the forefront of the shopping process. Factor in your kitchen layout, desired aesthetic look and your family’s lifestyle before you make a decision. Once you have a model in mind, our First Coast Supply team is here to assist you through the purchase and installation process.

Your Refrigerator’s Size Matters

The primary determining factor in the size and shape you choose is the layout of your kitchen. How much space do you have for a refrigerator? Measure your current fridge space and be realistic about the standalone or built-in refrigerator that would actually fit. When you measure, be sure to account for opening and closing the fridge door and the extra space needed behind the fridge. Unsure what we mean? It’s smart to talk with a pro before you splurge on new appliances.

What Kind of Food do You Keep in the Fridge?

What are your family’s eating habits? No two refrigerator models are identical. Whether you stock cans of soda or beer, load up on fresh produce, or go through dozens of eggs, there’s a fridge designed with you in mind. From accurately sized drawers to an accessible layout, don’t neglect the importance of a refrigerator that fits your needs.

If you’re a frozen foods family, it may be smart to improve accessibility and place your freezer on top. Ease of access is crucial when you select the model that’s right for you. There are countless different orientations, sizes and designs to choose from in 2020.

Color and Finish of the Fridge

What color appliances achieve your dream kitchen design? Most homeowners like when their appliances match, so it’s important to coordinate your purchases. Are your other appliances stainless steel? If so, you likely want to stay on-theme with a stainless steel refrigerator. If your theme is white or black, then remaining true to that color scheme is the way to go. Your fridge is the heart of your kitchen, so it’s important to choose a model that elevates the design.

Partner with the Local Appliance Professionals You Can Trust

We are here to help you choose a refrigerator that fits your lifestyle, design and budget. Are you in the market for gourmet appliances this year? Contact the First Coast Supply design experts to get started on your kitchen design project.