What You Should Know Before Starting Home Renovation

Before you start any major home project, it’s always best to get some insight first. If you can avoid some mistakes by researching what you need to know first, you’ll save yourself both time and money. Renovating your home is an incredible task, but it’s not easy. You finally get a chance to update your home the way you always pictured and you want it done right. So, we’ve put together some tips of what you should know before starting your home renovation.



When it comes to budgeting for a major home project, focus on getting the best products while staying within budget. It can be easy to overspend when upgrading certain aspects of your home. Of course, you’d love to have both a gourmet kitchen and vaulted ceilings, but do you need them both? Would you really prefer to be “house rich” and “cash poor”?

There’s also the reality of facing some unexpected problems while working on the project, like finding electrical problems or termite damage. According to Style at Home, “Make sure that you tack on at least an extra 20% (to your budget) for those inevitable issues that will spring up.” Even though it’d be amazing to have all the upgrades available, it’s best to decide before the project starts what you’d really like to invest in with this renovation.



Just because you’re staying within budget doesn’t mean you should buy cheap materials, either. You’ll always end up getting what you pay for. This could mean more work in the end for you if the materials you choose don’t last as long as needed. Also, you most likely will just end up paying more to get the right materials when the quality products should have been your first choice.

When it’s time to pick out the materials to make your home renovation complete, come to First Coast Supply. Our showroom in Jacksonville, Florida has a great array of choices when it comes to cabinetry, appliances and countertops. No matter the design, you want quality products that can actually suit your lifestyle. We want you to enjoy the process of renovating your home and that means choosing appliances your family can enjoy for years to come.


Pick a Great Contractor

We’ve all heard horror stories of someone hiring the wrong contractor for their project and it resulting in a huge disaster. Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure you do all the necessary research before picking someone for the job. Clark.com has some great tips of how to choose the right contractor for your home renovation.

The most important tip across the board is that you hire a contractor with good online reviews and a great reputation in your community. If you hear the contractor you’re interested in hiring did a good job for someone else, you’ll find comfort in the work they’ll do for you.


Renovating your home to look the way you’ve always wanted can be an awesome experience. Designing a home to match your Pinterest board is pretty much every homeowner’s dream. At First Coast Supply, we make the process easier for you because you have so much on your mind as it is. When it’s time to choose the best appliances, countertops and cabinets for your home, come visit our showroom. We’d be more than happy to make your home design dreams a reality.