Which Appliance Brand is Best for You?

New kitchen appliances can add functionality, style and even energy efficiency to your home. Kitchen appliances come in a large selection of brands and picking the perfect one for you can feel daunting. Thankfully, your Jacksonville kitchen appliance store, First Coast Supply, has a large selection of appliance styles and brands on display in our Showroom. Shopping for appliances can help you narrow your search based on the budget, features and style that’s right for your home.


How to Select an Appliance Brand

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Star label is a great way to understand the level of energy efficiency offered by specific appliance brands. While the upfront price of the appliances matter, the operational costs over the long-term is important to consider. Choose energy efficient appliances that save you money in energy costs over the life of the appliances.


Price Range

Probably the biggest determining factor when selecting an appliance brand is finding a brand in the price range that matches your budget. For limited budgets, brands like Maytag and Frigidaire offer quality products at a lower price range. For luxury homes, higher-end brands like Wolf, Bosch, Electrolux and Jenn-air provide the luxury standard to match your home’s style and maintain its value.


Finish Options

Another factor to consider when selecting an appliance brand is the finish options available. Whether you’re purchasing an appliance package and seeking a specific finish or need to match your existing appliance finish, research the finishes offered by each brand to find the right fit. Trendy finishes like slate, paneled or vivid colors may not be available from all brands.


Smart Technology Features

Smart Technology is big business and a trend that’s here to stay. Many of today’s appliance brands incorporate smart technology into their products. Smart features include integration with a mobile application, remote turn on and off features, notifications and even cooking instructions. Appliances with smart features may also help add value to your home for resale.


Style of your Home

Select appliances that match the style of your home. Like the example above regarding luxury appliances, you want an appliance brand that fits into your kitchen’s style. Appliances are an area where you can have fun in your home. Colors like traditional white may be the best option for a home with an older, modest kitchen. However, appliances in fun, retro colors may work well for a beach cottage.


Top Appliance Brands

Most of the major brands offer appliances in different price ranges to appeal to a variety of customers. However, some brands are strictly high-end. Take the time to research your options before you commit to a brand. Visit the Jacksonville kitchen appliance store at First Coast Supply to understand your options. We specialize in home renovation products including a variety of appliances.


First Coast Supply carries brands at all price ranges, including GE, Frigidaire, Jenn-air, Wolf, Maytag, Viking, Bosch, Electrolux, Toto, LG and more. Unlike some big box stores, our expert team will work with you to find the perfect fit for your home from our years of experience in home renovation. Visit the First Coast Supply Showroom to start your search for the perfect kitchen appliances.