Why Summer is the Best Time to Renovate Your Home

The debate continues about the best time to renovate your home. Based on supply and demand, summer is often thought to be a time to avoid renovations because demand is high. However, in our current housing market, demand for renovations is high throughout the year. Therefore, homeowners should look at the other reasons summer is a great time to renovate.


For certain projects like bathrooms and kitchens, summer is the best time to schedule renovations. Other factors like weather, convenience and lifestyle can all make summer the perfect time to get started with home renovations.


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Top Reasons to Renovate in Summer

Summer offers many benefits and reasons to renovate. Don’t let the “summer season is too busy” rumors scare you. It just might be the perfect time for you and your family to update your home.


1 – Life Slows Down

Summer usually has a slower pace for most families. It’s a time when many people travel, meaning they’ll be away from their home for part of the renovation period. This is convenient for both the contractor and the homeowner. Also, the slower pace can mean more time to make decisions about the details of the renovation. Often summer isn’t when you are hosting indoor parties, so having your space invaded will be less disruptive than in colder months.


2 – Get Ready for Fall and Winter Entertaining

If you tackle renovation projects during the summer, you can have your home upgraded and ready for entertaining as fall and winter approach us. An upgraded kitchen makes the perfect spot to host fall football watching or holiday parties. Also, adding or upgrading a bathroom can make your home more inviting for holiday house guests. Do the work during the summer so that you are ready to host throughout the rest of the year.


3 – Warm Weather

It’s likely the biggest benefit of summer renovations is the warm weather. This makes work easier for the renovation crew and may mean fewer weather delays. For kitchen renovations, the warm weather means you can prepare meals outside. If you have an outdoor kitchen, summer is the perfect time to use that space as a backup kitchen. For bathroom renovations, you can substitute your outdoor shower or shower at the pool while your bathroom is out of order. The warmer weather makes renovations easier.


4 – Get a Fresh Look

The warm weather and fresh blooms offer inspiration to freshen up the look of your home. Use this natural energy as inspiration and start your renovation project to give your home a new and updated look. Take time to consider trends and your personal style. Create the home you want to match the style you love.


Tackle Summer Renovations

Don’t wait until the seasons change to start your renovations projects. Summer is the perfect time to get started! Take advantage of the warm weather, slower pace and summer inspiration. You’ll love going into fall with a newly upgraded home.


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