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Why You Should Choose Brass for Your Kitchen Fixtures

Are your kitchen fixtures stuck in the boring trend of silver? Stainless steel, silver fixtures are overdone and bland. Have you ever considered brass for your kitchen fixtures? Brass is the new silver. If you are looking for a combination of unique and cozy, brass the elegant way to achieve this.

Cozy and Inviting Vibe

Brass kitchens create an atmosphere that is perfect for the holidays. Replacing silver with brass will bring a vibrant feel to your home. This cozy and inviting vibe showcases warmth and basically begs you to cook for your family and friends. You’ll be dying to host the holidays in your new kitchen!

Beautiful Color Schemes

Be sure color scheme of the rest of your area blends with your new brass appliances. With brass in your kitchen, you can get really creative with the color scheme of the rest of the area. Colors commonly paired with brass appliances are black, white or cream but don’t be afraid to get innovative. There’s plenty of colors compatible with brass. Use this color palette to tie your kitchen together.

Work Brass Into the Fixtures and Hardware

Two easy places to work brass into your space are the light fixtures and hardware. Have you ever seen a kitchen with brass fixtures and white cabinets? They complement each other beautifully. The addition of brass drawer handles, pots and pans or other hardware will enhance your renovated kitchen and set a new tone to your space.

Brass Faucets

If brass fixtures and hardware doesn’t sound appealing to you, have you considered a brass faucet? It’s a fantastic visual and brings a luxurious look to your area. We are so accustomed to seeing a silver sink faucet so this is something that will definitely stand out to your visitors. Our selection of brass faucets is plentiful and First Coast Supply Jacksonville team is ready to help contrast kitchen appliances.

Durability and Cleanliness

Brass faucets have a reputation for being durable. They are more resistant to corrosion than most other metals. If you live in a home that has hard water, a faucet that will fight corrosion is a must.

Did you know that brass is a germicidal? Germicidal means a substance that destroys harmful microorganisms. This means brass naturally kills off germs, maintaining it’s original condition. Be sure to choose faucets and fixtures that are pure brass, not just a brass plating, to enjoy these benefits.

There are so many ways to incorporate brass into your kitchen. Hopefully we sparked a little inspiration in you! We can work with you at First Coast Supply to help you work brass into your kitchen vibe. Brass is the new silver, be the first of your friends to initiate the trend!